Safety Harnesses

Formula Type Car Restraints
 Part #11154
Seat Belt Bolt In
Individual Harness Bolt In Dual Anti-Sub Belts Bolt In
Pro Drag Racing Restraints
 Part #11164
Seat Belt Wrap Around Harness Wrap Around Anti-Sub Belt Wrap Around
Covered With Flame Retardant Material

Harness Pads/Part #11564
Harness Pads Made with Flame Retardant Material
Part Numbers for other colors available:
11562/Red, 11563/Blue

Gloves/Part #11724
Nomex Double Layer Gloves
Sizes Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large
SFI5 Specify size and color, Red, Blue or Black

Neck Collars
Part #20162

360 degree Neck Collar
Part Numbers for other colors available: 20163/Blue, 20164/Black

Window Nets/Part #11622
Window Net 18x24
Part Numbers for other colors available: 11623/Blue, 11624/Black
11625/Purple, 11627/Gray



Heavy Duty Latch Belt Assembly.

64365 - Econo Dragster 3" wrap around lap belt, loop wrap around harness

64365. FC - Top Fuel 3" wrap around lap belt, loop wrap around harness with silver cover.

60011 - Latch Guard Kit (Slip on)
60019 - Arm restraints, deluxe
60019.WS - Arm restraints, Water ski
Developed in 1972, Deist arm restraints do an excellent job of restraining a driver's arms inside the cockpit in case of an accident. The arm restraints must be adjusted as short as possible while still allowing free movement of the steering wheel. Deist developed the Latch-Guard  in 1981, a simple yet effective device that consists of a strap (which attaches to the latch handle) and Velcro closure. The Latch-Guard  prevents anything from getting hooked underneath the latch and causing accidental opening. Order the Latch-Guard option with any Deist standard or heavy duty latch style lap belt. Recommended factory installation




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